Empire State Neurosurgical Institute


  • Date: 10/16/2013
  • Categories: Logo and Branding
  • Client: Empire State Neurosurgical Institute
  • URL: http://empirestateneuro.org
  • Project Info: As the original member of the UHS Neurosciences Network rebranding initiative, work on Empire State Neurosurgical Institute began with the rebranding of Southern New York Neurosurgical Group to ESNI. As SNY Neurosurgical expanded to include to several additional Neurosurgical practices they decided to rebrand entirely under the new name of Empire State Neurosurgical Institute. Given that surgeons at ESNI operate in and around the brain itself, the logo and branding design were conceptually based upon the physiological structure of the brain. The resulting logo-mark is meant to mirror a 3-D topographic representation of the brain and its individual structures, with special attention given to playing up the interconnectedness of all of the these structures. The changing color palette was incorporated into the topographic design in order to further accentuate the level of depth and intricacy of not only the brain itself but also the type of surgery required to treat it. The choice in typography was made to convey a sense of a medical practice firmly rooted in tradition, with highly-skilled surgeons who have years of experience in operating at such an intricate and technical level.