Baby Announcements

BabyBajwa BabyAnnouncement

  • Date: 09/23/2015
  • Categories: Illustration
  • Client: Personal
  • Project Info — Baby Announcement 1: This is an incredibly personal piece, designed to announce the coming arrival of my first child. With my wife and I being big music fans, we decided that the theme should be centered around something that's near and dear to us both and that we hope to pass on to our child – our record collection. Focusing on 'baby's first record player' I used a vintage Fisher Price Music Box Record Player as inspiration, designing all of the elements in Adobe Illustrator to give it a "flat" illustrated appearance. The color palette drew upon bright/bold colors that would appeal to a child, with the copy itself mimicking a music industry press release.
  • Project Info — Baby Announcement 2: This piece was commissioned by a family member seeking a unique design to share with friends and family to announce the coming arrival of their baby. The theme for the project was a play on the line "Winter is coming" from the popular HBO series, 'Game of Thrones'. My approach to this theme was to come up with something with a decidedly softer edge than the relatively grim feeling of the source material. To achieve this I was able to come up with a flat illustrated look and feel for the design, working in Adobe Illustrator to create all of the elements of the design. The requirements of the project included creation of a custom sigil as well as the "iron cradle" and teddy bear sitting therein.