Piktograf Design Studio

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  • Date: 07/02/2013
  • Categories: Illustration / Logo and Branding / Poster Design / Web Design
  • Client: Piktograf Design Studio
  • URL: http://piktograf.com
  • Project Info: These pieces of logo and branding, and web design work were created during my time working as senior designer at Piktograf Design Studio, a Chicago-based graphic and web design studio that I co-founded in 2010. The poster design incorporates my logo and branding work into a crest meant to reflect Piktograf's identity as studio with roots in the Creative Industry District in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood. The crest features a view of the Cermak Bridge looking north towards the Chicago skyline, as well as one of the six-pointed stars from the Chicago city flag. The web design work presented here features original iconography created to represent the company's areas of expertise in print, web and brand identity work, as well as a set of original icons designed for the company's services section of the website. The style of these icons was a take on the colorful flat design aesthetic popular during that time in both the print and mobile-first digital realms.