Southern Tier Imaging


  • Date: 02/13/2014
  • Categories: Logo and Branding
  • Client: Southern Tier Imaging
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  • Project Info: As a member of the UHS Neurosciences Network rebranding initiative, Southern Tier Imaging's logo and branding work was designed to be consistent with their partner groups. The logo and branding designed for Southern Tier Imaging were conceptually based around the cutting-edge technology used by the radiologists and MRI technicians who work there. In particular, the logo drew upon the open-bore design of the MRI machine itself, with the shape of the machine being created by magnetic waves emanating outward from the inside of the machine. The overall color palette and gradient shift were meant to mimic the movement of these magnetic waves, while preserving a sense of openness and comfort. In order to present the image of a medical practice that uses cutting-edge technology by highly-trained doctors and technicians, the choice in typography was made to use something sharp and post-modern.