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  • Date: 11/15/2011
  • Categories: Logo and Branding / Print / Web Design
  • Client: SpotlessCity
  • Project Info: The work presented here represents logo and branding, print and web design work created for Brooklyn-based tech startup, SpotlessCity, an on-demand laundry and dry cleaning pickup service that sought to connect users with local service providers specifically selected to match the types of laundry and dry cleaning services offered. While I was initially commissioned to design the logo and branding for the client I was eventually brought on board to work on everything from investor presentation visuals to web design to promotional print mailers and static stickers for vendors who had partnered with the service. The logo and branding concept was based on the traditional laundry and dry-cleaning care instructions iconography, combined with typography that was clean and fun. This branding scheme was incorporated into the graphics for investor presentation materials, promotional mailers and the website design itself, using all sorts of elements from the world of laundry and dry-cleaning. The website design required special attention given to overall user experience, making it as intuitive and simple as possible to input one's address, search for nearby service providers, place an order and check-out. The end result was an intuitive website that, though no longer active, was once named an industry disrupting innovator during the 'Startup Battlefield' competition at the 2012 'Disrupt Conference' sponsored by Tech Crunch.