UHS Neurosciences Network

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  • Date: 07/27/2015
  • Categories: Logo and Branding / Web Design
  • Client: United Health Services
  • URL: http://empirestateneuro.org
  • Project Info: A project that initially started with the redesign of a website for our client, Empire State Neurosurgical Institute (ESNI), the creation of the UHS Neurosciences Network was a much larger offshoot project that looked to rebrand, redesign and network the websites of five additional neuroscience-related medical practices in the Southern Tier region of Upstate New York. Binghamton-based health management company United Health Services liked the newly redesigned ESNI website and identity so much that they requested that the same model be applied to Southern Tier Imaging, AccuSite PET/CT Imaging Center, Neuro-Medical Care Associates, Cyberknife Center of New York, and UHS Comprehensive Stroke & Neurointerventional Service. As such, all of the redesigned brands and websites feature a "shared DNA" throughout their design, with the singular focus on a simplified user experience, allowing even the most tech-unsavy patient to having easy access to all of the information and care options that they are seeking. With a common navigational system implemented throughout all six network websites, the sites themselves are very referential to one another, allowing the user to travel between each practice when pertinent information to their treatment options would require them to seek addition consultation services. A network hub brings all of the websites together under one brand, the UHS Neurosciences Institute.